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Rules and Regulations Empty Rules and Regulations

Post by AscendantMoth on Fri Jun 23, 2017 7:30 pm

1. LISTEN TO THE ADMINS (If you have an issue with an admin, take it up with either me or Hero in a PM.)

2. DON'T BE A DICK (You know what this means. Just don't.)

3. DO NOT GODMOD (Don't give your character immunity to everything, infinite power, or knowledge of everything. There are things your character can't do, won't know, and can't get away from.)

4. DO NOT STRAY DRASTICALLY FROM THE STORY (Follow the plot and don't hop into events that have already started or that your character wouldn't be a part of. Be sure to do your research or ask questions about things in the ooc area in terms of location and event details.)

5. KEEP IN CHARACTER IN RP (This also means keep your character as that character. They can grow and develop, but they won't go from pacifist to evil overlord over dropping a cup.)

6. DON'T NEEDLESSLY KILL (Just like in the real world, you can't kill anyone you want. Keep it in character too if you do end up killing someone.)

7. DON'T TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY (Nothing that happens is against you. It's just a story.)

8. DON'T OOC IN THE RP (If it's something small, just put it in (()). Otherwise, post it in the OOC threads.)

9. NO NSFW OF ANY KIND (You can do what you want in private, but I don't want any of that on this forum. Cursing is allowed with moderation though.)

10. DON'T SPAM (This includes posting the same thing repeatedly and advertising. Advertisements must be approved by admins first.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep no secrets from GM's... If you have any big plans or big chunks of information that we need to know to work into the plot that you don't want spoiling to anyone else, PM it. Please do not to keep it secret until we don't know what to do with it. Telling us is so much easier than trying to force us to improvise...

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